Bernie 2020: Utah

Delegate Update

1,990 Delegates needed to win on 1st Ballot

Total National Delegates
Buttigieg, Pete – South Bend, IN Mayor13
Sanders, Bernie – VT Senator12
Warren, Elizabeth – MA Senator8
Biden, Joe – Former Vice President6
Klobuchar, Amy – MN Senator1
Bennet, Michael – CO Senator0
Bloomberg, Michael – Billionaire0
Gabbard, Tulsi – HI Representative CD-020
Patrick, Deval – Former MA Governor0
Steyer, Tom – Billionaire0
Yang, Andrew – Attorney, Entrepreneur0

Updated as of February 7, 2020


Utah State Coordinator Announced

Iowa Regional Field Director (and former Iowa House candidate,) Jodi Clemons, will be heading to our beautiful state on Monday, February 10, 2020. Be on the lookout for future events Only 25 days until our state primary, Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Mail your ballots back and then come volunteer with us. We need you.

Sanders Leads Iowa Caucus


Sanders Scores Huge Endorsement from Utah Progressives

Saturday, February 1, 2020: Utah State Democratic Progressive Caucus formally endorses Bernie Sanders for President by an overwhelming majority vote — just over 89% — and did so using Ranked Choice Voting!

The vote took place in-person at the Milcreek Community Library in Salt Lake County, as well as online via Facebook Live and Zoom for remote participants. The next meeting will be held at the Utah State Democratic Party Convention, the morning of April 25, 2020. Location TBA. For more info on the State Progressive Caucus:


Bernie Sanders Is The Leader We Need

Bernie Sanders rally in Salt Lake City, Utah courtesy of Spenser Heaps, published in the Daily Herald

Polling is finally catching up to the reality that has been simmering under the surface for over a year: Bernie Sanders is the new leader of the Democratic Party. By several standards, Sanders has been the center of the 2020 Democratic primary: his small-dollar fundraising set the bar for other candidates to meet; his policies are the standard against which other candidates’ plans are judged; the Bernie vs. Not-Bernie dynamic is the only constant in a dizzyingly fluid race. — MORE