Onward to 2020

I have been the Utah Democratic Party Chair since 2017, a time of unprecedented success for Utah Democrats this century. Here is why I am asking for your vote to continue this success through 2020.

A record of success

My record as Chair—winning three House seats, one Senate seat, a seat in the US Congress, and many county and municipal seats—is the most successful of any chair this century. You have to look as far back as the early 1990s to find any election cycle that compares to my first term as Chair. While this happened, we expanded our donor base, we trained candidates who will be prepared to compete in 2020, we advocated issues that Utahns are demanding, and we forged powerful bonds with community leaders across the Democratic coalition.

A Chair for all Utah Democrats

When I ran in 2017, it was to unite a divided Democratic Party with the power behind the Progressive movement and the Women’s March. No other candidate was poised to build the broad coalition we needed to counter the growing far-right MAGA movement. The same is true today: I am the only candidate in the Chair race who can gain the support of both the establishment Democrats and the Progressive wing of the party, which will be vital to ensure 2020 is not a repeat of 2016.

I know this because I have done it. Under my administration we have brought Progressives and moderates together, we have strengthened our ties with labor, we have expanded our outreach to the growing Latino community, and we have seen more youth outreach than ever before—an essential group to win in the youngest state in the nation.

2020 is here

A presidential election year is a huge organizational undertaking and 2020 will be the most important election of our lives. With me as Chair, we can start organizing for 2020 right away, with the structure and relationships in place that I have made a priority to build during my first term. From county parties to caucuses to donors and volunteers, we are a stronger Democratic Party by any measure than we were when I began, and with two more years we can continue the success of 2018 and build toward a blue Utah.