Utah and Juab Counties, It’s Convention Time!

Who doesn’t love spending the day surrounded by friends and family? Well, that’s what’s happening tomorrow, April 15, 2016, when both Utah and Juab County have their Organizing Conventions. I will be attending both and I’m looking forward to all the excitement that convention brings.

Utah County’s 2017 Organizing Convention

Last year, my family and I volunteered to help the Utah County Convention, and while this year I am a candidate for Utah Democratic Party Chair, we will all once again pitch in as needed.

The convention will be held Saturday, April 15, from 1-2:30pm in the Bullock Room #309 of the Provo Library.


  • Welcome
  • Report on 2016 election and other activities
  • Report on upcoming elections and opportunities
  • Speeches by county candidates (2 minutes each)
  • Voting
  • Speeches by state party chair candidates during ballot counting
  • Announcement of winners
Juab County’s 2017 Organizing Convention

This Saturday, April 15, at 7pm, we will meet at the Juab County Government Center to elect your new executive committee.

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